Where to buy a good, inexpensive computer.


Shopping for computers?  Go online.  Can't beat Dell.com prices, right?  Well you can if you go to Dell outlet.  A little known subset of Dell for refurbished items.  Here's what dell has to say about Dell Outlet. Lots of items have the same as new warranty.


Dell outlet on Twitter - extra savings above and beyond what Dell Outlet saves you.


Dell Outlet



Google Feud - Like Family Feud for Google AutoComplete

If you like watching Family Feud and think you'd be awesome, here is your chance.  It's Google Feud!  Just wander over to http://www.googlefeud.com/ to play.  Choose from 4 types of fill in the blank categories -- Culture, People, Names and Questions.  Then simply guess at what the most popular matches are, Just like Family Feud, except these answers are based off of Google's most popular search terms.  They come from the AutoComplete features that fills in popular answers to what you begin to type in the Google search engine.  Have fun!!