Google Feud – Like Family Feud for Google AutoComplete

If you like watching Family Feud and think you’d be awesome, here is your chance.  It’s Google Feud!  Just wander over to Google Feud to play.  Choose from 4 types of fill in the blank categories — Culture, People, Names and Questions.  Then simply guess at what the most popular matches are, Just like Family Feud, except these answers are based off of Google’s most popular search terms.  They come from the AutoComplete feature that fills in popular answers to what you begin to type in the Google search engine.  Have fun!!

WordPress Websites and SEO

What is Wordpress? Wordpress is a CMS. What is a CMS? A CMS is a content management system. CMS’s are geared to make creating content that gets posted on the Web easier to create and get on the web than if you had to do everything from scratch. CMS’s aim to help content author’s focus on content.