Wordle – Know tomorrow’s answers now (Updated with all answers)

I post on different things — Usually all tech related. Mostly about WordPress or Web Development. Today I show you how to get the Dictionary of possible words, the source code, and maybe even future solutions to the popular online game – Wordle.

UPDATE: Previously in this post I stated that you could find the Wordle answers in the source code. Well, to make it more clear… Here is a spreadsheet with the daily Wordle — Now owned by the NY Times at: https://www.nytimes.com/games/wordle/index.html — this spreadsheet has the answers by date — some past but mostly future of Wordle solutions. Have Fun…

2nd UPDATE:  Now I provide a lookup tool to find any past / present / future Wordle answer.  Take a look here:  https://www.websitesabq.com/wordle-past-present-future-puzzle-answers/

The online game you play at: https://www.powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle/

1) Go to the website above in Chrome (or any browser, but these directions are for Chrome)
2) Right Click over an empty area of the Wordle screen
3) Click on View Source
4) Scroll down to the very bottom of that source code.
5) Click on the highlighted main.e65ce0a5.js in the line

6) Now just look at that mess. You need to UnMinify this code. — Select and copy the whole thing

7) Go Here: https://unminify.com/
8) Paste your Wordle code in the big box
9) Click UnMinify.


Here’s a link to the unminified/pretty source code: Wordle Source Code

Here’s the words in the dictionary – all possible 5 letter words.
Wordle Dictionary as Web Page
Wordle Dictionary in Excel

Tomorrows Wordle answer will be PLEAT (2/4/22), which you can find using this code.

Now you have access to all the pretty code in Wordle. Including the dictionary of words they use. Tell me how you will use this knowledge to advance civilization.