Google Feud – Like Family Feud for Google AutoComplete

UPDATE: 06-03-2022:  There appears to be some pretty fun non-google versions of Google Feud that have popped up since I updated this post last.  One that I saw was: Google Feud | How does Google autocomplete this query?  And it’s fun to play.  You get 6 categories, and your goal is to guess 10 fill-in-the-blank answers and you are only allowed to miss 4 times before you lose the game.  Some of the answers I saw should have been included in the same fill-in-the-blank.  For instance, fly and bug were separate answers to the fill-in-the-blank for “I think I swallowed a…….”. And there were various answers that were types of bones:  Salmon bone, fish bone, chicken bone, and also small chicken bone.  But try it for yourself.  My testing has not yet been comprehensive.  I’ll be playing more. 🙂


Original Post Jan 2017 (except for update in Red) : If you like watching Family Feud and think you’d be awesome, here is your chance.  It’s Google Feud! Just wander over to Google Feud to play. I have learned that this website is no longer running Google Feud – so I disabled the link. Choose from 4 types of fill in the blank categories — Culture, People, Names and Questions.  Then simply guess at what the most popular matches are, Just like Family Feud, except these answers are based off of Google’s most popular search terms.  They come from the AutoComplete feature that fills in popular answers to what you begin to type in the Google search engine.  Have fun!!