The Yoast (Search Engine Guru) 6 Timeless SEO Tips List

SEO may not be for sissies, but with just a little patience you can pick up all the right habits to take your SEO to the next level. recently posted a list of 6 timeless tips to better SEO. I’ll summarize the list and link to the original article at the bottom of this post.

Tip 1) Go White Hat always. Stay clean. There are ways to game the system called Black Hat SEO techniques and can cause repercussions – so seek the light.

Tip 2) Optimize your site speed. Speed loading time is important. So much so that there is even a Google website to test your site speed. In the time it takes to load some pages, the user may click onto something more interesting. And that time used to be 12 seconds, but people give even less than that now.

Tip 3) Focus on Good Content. Create things that have meaning. Keep your site fresh and interesting.

Tip 4) Think about your audience. Focus on them. That’s what keeps them coming around. Tell your site visitors how you can solve their problems.

Tip 5) Improve Internal Linking. This is important for helping Search Bots as well as your human visitors. Make it easy for them to get to the information you think they should care most about.

Tip 6) Keep your content well-maintained. Add new Ideas on original content, keep your content up to date. Things on the web get out of date fast. Keep your site up to par noting where things have changed.

The Original Yoast article is here: