How to Rank higher on Google and Bing

So you want me to tell you how to rank higher on the page? Ask no more. here is exactly what I do.

The first thing to do for your SEO is to fix your “on-site” issues.

1) For every web page you have make sure you have a title and h1 tag and a description (Meta Tag Description)
— also where appropriate, add h2 and h3 tags. These “h” tags should be like writing an outline is school. H1 is the header,  h2 is a sub header, h3 is a sub sub header.

2) — also the URL is important too.
You cant change your beginning url (Your domain name) — but individual pages other than your home page should include keywords in their url. Keywords should be placed in each part. but it needs to sound natural. Not forced or spammy.
also you need to include those same keywords in the regular body text of each page.

3) do some keyword research. find out what people that are likely to be your customers are actually using in google.
— google has a keyword planner tool inside of their Google Ads product – so sign up — you don’t have to pay for any ads. The address is

4) every page should have its own set of keywords — each should be different

5) If you are on Wix, they have an SEO section now. I saw it advertised – use it.

6) I’ve got a list of websites that you should sign up for. go to each one and add your business listing. they are sorted by most important at the top. (contact me at and I’ll email you the list)
7) Also Google puts out a list of To Dos that you should go over. Here’s the URL to that list.

Good Luck. I would also do all this for you for $299 and the things I list below too.

8) you need an ssl certificate. — many if not most Hosting providers do this for free.
But its a ranking factor now. You need it.
9) your page should look good on all devices. Meaning mobile, tablet and Computer / desktop
What I offer will usually be enough to get most smallish to mediumish websites to look good on all devices.
I devote 2 hours to this task for every new website that signs up. If you need more of my time — we can discuss it.
I should be able to tell you up front if it will take more than the alloted 2 hours.

10) your page should be optimized to load quickly. — Google actually downgrades pages that are slow to load. There are some things we can do to fix a slow loading page. You can check your current speed using a tool Google created to help with this:

— My list of citation websites includes google and bing and Facebook and Yelp and AngiesList and a lot more. Be weary of callers that tell you some blanket statement like you need to claim your google listing. Or Your listing is incomplete. Google will never call you about your listing. Don’t fall for these tricks. this industry is over run with scammers. be careful

Just compare this to what you would pay anywhere else for the same service. Like if you look at — which legitimately adds you to  affiliate websites — about 16 — They charge just for that around $449. And that doesnt include ssl, or on-site SEO or anything else. They are not a bad option.  They just cost more.  Their pricing is here,

Oh and you should know up front, that while I can usually complete this job in about 2 weeks…Google and Search Engines  take 4 to 6 to 9 months to show results. Google — How long does SEO take. Every real and White Hat and honest method you use to boost your ranking just takes that long. No way around it.

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