You are currently viewing Top 3 — Now 2 more — sources for Royalty Free Stock photos

Top 3 — Now 2 more — sources for Royalty Free Stock photos

Are you wondering where to get photos for your website? Sure, there’s a good chance you haven’t had to think about that before. And now your working on building a website. You need something to help draw in visual attention. Well let’s talk about it.

UPDATE 11/23/2020This post must get seen more often and I continually need to update it as things change here so often. Here’s a link to a resource that gives you several more options for Free Stock Photo sites:

UPDATE 9/3/19:  A representative of Pikwizard reached out to me and asked if I could include his site in this list.  I agreed.  See what you think.  From Pikwizard:  “Pikwizard for the best high-quality images of people”  Here’s the site:

UPDATE 7/16/18: Probably the new and best site for Free to use images is now Pexels.  Check them out below:

I stock is a good, if pricey, site for all your stock photo needs. If you can afford them, they are about the best for variety, depth of selection, and quality images.

ShutterStock is my usual choice for good stock images. They have a large selection, have fair pricing and images are professional in quality.

PixaBay offers a fair selection of royalty free and free stock images. Their selection isnt quite what the others have and their average image quality isn’t quite as good. But they are free and if you’re on a budget you can probably rationalize the lesser selection and lesser quality.

3 websites. Most Expensive to Least Expensive. plus 3 more resources at the top of this post. There are tons of other options.  But they aren’t in my top 3.  So let’s go with this and please let me know if you have questions.