Easily make a secure password that’s also easy to remember.

9/22/2021 – Update — The password generator site below appears to be dead. https://correcthorsebatterystaple.net/

03/26/18 – Update (Dead?)

I found another website that generates human friendly passwords without as many steps.


I recommend using this site instead of the site listed below.

— Scott


Passwords are the door to so many private and personal parts of our lives.  Just about every website that keeps important personal information also asks you to create and maintain a password.  Your email, your YouTube account, your Facebook account, your online banking account, your Instagram account and the list goes on.

Password keepers like LastPass can be a good means of keeping your passwords locked up, while also providing easy to access these passwords even requiring you to remember what they are.

If you prefer not to use a password service like LastPass, an alternative approach to managing passwords is to generate memorable but hard to guess passwords.  Such is the lot of xkpasswd.net

xkpasswd.net is a service, provided for free, that generates memorable passwords.  The service is configurable, giving you numerous ways to affect the creation of passwords.  xkpasswd.net is based on an XKCD comic that described just such a mechanism to creating secure yet easy to remember passwords.

I customized the settings a bit and came up with these 3 passwords.  (xkpasswd.net generates 3 at a time)

*trip!ALREADY!save* *observe!EARTH!safe* *chance!TOGETHER!hole*

You can designate your own tweaks and see what you come up with.  Generate several even, if the first ones you come up with don’t suit you.  Good Luck and Safe Computing.

Update (12/24/2016):  This online password generator —  xkpasswd.net — can be less than friendly to configure.  I have saved a configuration that I recommend.  Just copy the text below and paste into the Load Config section of the password generator.


“num_words”: 4,
“word_length_min”: 4,
“word_length_max”: 8,
“case_transform”: “CAPITALISE”,
“separator_character”: “NONE”,
“padding_digits_before”: 0,
“padding_digits_after”: 0,
“padding_type”: “NONE”,
“random_increment”: “AUTO”