Top 10 ‘Just for Grins’ Websites

When I thought about what kind of blog post I would write this week, I knew I didn’t want to do anything serious.  It had been a serious week already for me.  So this post is a departure from anything serious.  This is the top 10 just for grins website countdown:

10) Pop the Bubblewrap

Bubble wrap fans, rejoice.  This is an unending supply of poppable bubble wrap.

Pop the Bubblewrap

9) Spin a Wheel

Its just like spinning a bike wheel.  Have fun!

Spin a Wheel

8) Paint like Jackson Pollock

Paint like the famous abstract expressionist.

Paint like Jackson Pollock

7) 3D Line Drawing

You wanna draw a line?  Draw and loop back in 3D space.

3D Line Drawing

6) Pug Licking

Yeah, the dog licks the inside of your screen.  Why?  Its dirty in there.

Pug Licking

5) Atari Breakout

The classic game of Breakout, brought to you by Google.

Atari Breakout

4) Shake a Wiggly Stick

See it?  Shake it!  Shake it a lot!  The screen will scare you.

Shake a Wiggly Stick

3) Draw a Stickman

Very cool little interactive adventure.  It’s fun!

Draw a Stickman

2) Slap a guy with your eel.

So you’ve got this eel and you don’t know what your going to do with it.

Slap a Guy with your Eel

1)  Never Ending Horse

My all time favorite distraction.  The horse that doesn’t stop for nothing.

Endless Horse

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